Wang Chengyi comrade was named “2008 annual liyang city science and technology innovation advanced individual”

Liyang city in January 7 advanced science and technology work for the meeting, our company Wang Chengyi comrade glorious was named “2008 annual scientific and technological innovation advanced individual”.

Comrade Wang Chengyi for many years engaged in the development of special electronic coating and basic subject research, actively participate in interdisciplinary professional technology research and industry standards, a number of research achievements into productivity quickly. In 2006, he completed the “enameled wire and environmentally friendly hot melt adhesive paint” and “environment-friendly adhesive high-temperature enameled wire paint” and so on two studies of topics and changzhou city, jiangsu province, in the process of project implementation, he put forward a reasonable and practical model of polymer, all the work involved in product development to production. Develop many kinds of chemical composition analysis method, and according to the requirements of the subject material chemistry indexes involved in model is established in this paper, a few years to lead the chemical staff has examined thousands of samples, established the chemical database of the enterprise, for the development of new products and the good cycle development laid a solid foundation. Borne by his research and development of enameled wire from sticking, voice coil coating glue series products, filled the domestic blank, and replace the import, the domestic production enterprises.