Quality policy

Satisfy the customer sincerity Continuous improvement Quality win

Environmental guideline

Abide by the laws and regulations Saving resource environmental pollution prevention products

Quality objectives

  1. Product a present the qualified rate of 99%;
  2. 98% customer satisfaction;
  3. Annual increasing rate 20% of new products.

Environmental goals and metrics

  1. Safety in production, the year without accident;
    Indicators: the year fires, explosions and not for leaks.
  2. Improve the utilization rate of raw materials, save electricity;
  3. The classification of the solid waste harmless disposal;
    Index: strengthen for and solid waste management, hazardous solid waste harmless disposal rate of 100%.
  4. Limit the use of hazardous substances in products;
    Index: all products (including new product) comply with the eu RoHS directive requirements.