Company all staff in zhejiang province for three days

Nor, all things recovery, the company in mid-april organization staff to mount putuo, zhoushan, a three-day trip to zhejiang shaoxing.

This trip is designed to let everybody to loosen tight work on weekdays nerve, in the mountains enjoy the magic of nature and spectacular, have fun and see the world.

In mount putuo, floating in the vast ocean, surrounded by green mountains, straight to lament the nature guifushengong, surrendered to the long history of Chinese Buddhism; In zhoushan, tasted the local flavor of seafood, feel the local customs, let each hiker, ghost town; In lu xun’s former residence, shaoxing from herbals to sanwei bookroom, more let everybody by the rich culture edify, for the Chinese nation has such a great and proud of sublimity penned a warrior.

The travel, not only let everyone enjoy the motherland the beautiful scenery of nature, to appreciate the shaoxing bright celebrity culture, more make the staff to relax the mood, widened the field of vision, good mountain which is the embodiment of the human-oriented concept. Good grain (mountain) leader sincere humanities brings better grain (mountain) all staff to establish a strong sense of ownership and a high degree of initiative, make the enterprise with the pace of the healthy and stable sustainable development.