High temperature resistant and environmentally friendly enameled wire from two levels of project paint RongLie provinces and cities

Environment-friendly enameled wire adhesive paint project through identification of scientific and technological achievements by the science of jiangsu province and jiangsu province economic and trade commission organization of new products, new technical appraisal, the project recently and have been included in the torch plan of jiangsu province, by the science of jiangsu province by changzhou technology bureau listed in the group of science and technology plan projects and won the changzhou changzhou 24 bureau provides tens of thousands of yuan funding for special research, the changzhou city a total of two projects.

High-temperature enameled wire adhesive paint successful implementation of the project, environmental protection will be driving the development of domestic materials scientifically, to change the present situation of the base material is weak, solve the deep-seated problems of research and development of new environmental protection adhesive paint production. Can quickly fill the domestic blank, after the production of new products to shorten the gap with the developed countries industry. New products the main raw material will take from internal, have a strong competitive advantage (the same products abroad, price is too high to supply cycle length), product performance can meet the domestic demand of enameled wire production process. This series of products with the advantages of energy-saving, environmental protection, can replace imported similar products. Implementation of this project not only for local special contribution of new and high technology industrialization, more to break the foreign enterprises of special enameled wire technology monopoly, leading the vigorous development of domestic enameled wire industry.