Warm congratulations on the special polyamide adhesive paint were included in national torch plan project

Recently, the liyang Jiashan electronic material co., LTD. special polyamide paint project by the national ministry of science and technology identified as national torch plan project.

The special polyamide adhesive high temperature resistant and environmentally friendly enameled wire paint is a kind of functional polymer materials with special purposes. With the production of high temperature resistant self-adhesive enameled wire paint is a kind of important electromagnetic wire products, new type of special varieties, it not only has the common enameled wire all electrical and mechanical performance, also have what ordinary enameled wire does not have function of adhesive between line and line.

It is reported, this item product launch, replace imported products, for the country save a lot of foreign exchange, broke the monopoly of the foreign enterprises of special enameled wire paint, is well received in the domestic enameled wire production enterprises, promote the competitiveness of the domestic enameled wire industry as a whole.